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First Novel in Evan Sinclair Mystery Series Released!

Thursday - December 16, 2021

Life hasn’t been entirely fair to Evan Sinclair, or ‘Sissy Sinclair’ as most of his classmates like to call him, but now it’s seventh grade – and the universe owes him. A missing baseball bat, belonging to star player Jayden Stevens, provides him with the perfect chance to put his love of detective shows to good use. His objective? Find the lucky “lightning bat” and score himself a place with the most popular kids in school: The Untouchables.

However, just like in the TV shows, nothing goes according to plan. As Evan delves into the investigation, his personal life turns to shambles. His father’s overbearing nature and extreme religious devotion lengthen the rift between them, while Evan is still processing the loss of his mother. His grandmother, his BFF and an unexpected old friend are the only people he can count on to help him crack the case.


Follow the adventures of Evan Sinclair – Detective Extraordinaire as he searches
for the most popular boy in school’s lucky baseball bat.

Scott is annoyed when his BFF blindsides him with yet another botched set-up. But surprisingly, by the end of the night, love finds him. Read the short story, “Modern Love.”

Read about my real-life encounters on my farm, specifically with a rambunctious rooster. Try to not laugh too hard as you read the short story, “Mr. Roo.”  

 “African Americans and LGBTQ Issues” is
my entry included in this reference text that focuses on the complicated relationship between the marginalized groups. 

Learn more about work as an entertainment journalist, my academic teaching and my research analyzing LGBTQ images in media. Television is my favorite medium of choice. 



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