The Space Opera Luminous Void Trilogy Has Launched!!!

The trilogy centers on recently unemployed dockworker Salome Jones who is tired of being stepped on by the Big Corps. Just when it looks like she can’t sink any lower, Salome inherits a run-down spaceship from a long-lost uncle. This is her one chance to get out from under the corporate boot, but how? The answer arrives with the flamboyant and smooth-talking Skylar Rysen, who has a cargo and needs a ship to move it before his business partners catch up with him and start selling off his favorite body parts. They set course with a talking cat and a two-meter tall bunny at the helm, along with a cranky first officer. Unbeknownst to the crew, the former captain left a secret on the ship that puts an even bigger target on their backs.  

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A ragtag crew stumbles upon the secret to preventing galactic war…

When newly unemployed dock worker Salome Jones inherits a near-derelict spaceship from an uncle she never heard of, she thinks she finally has the key to freedom.

Joining forces with Skyler Rysen, a charming rogue with an urgent (if not exactly on the up-and-up) cargo, Salome and the crew of Luminous Void set out on their first mission.

Unfortunately, some things are too good to be true.

Unbeknownst to Salome and company, the ship has a bounty on it and a secret hidden in its databanks that could start a galactic war, and somebody wants that secret badly enough to capture the ship and kill all her crew.

Salome has no intention of letting her faceless enemies get their hands on the secret, but what can one small ship and her ragtag crew do against all the forces arrayed against them?

The answer is: whatever they have to!

Dive into Live Cargo, the second installment of the adventure-packed Luminous Void Series.

Salome, Skyler and the rest of the crew of Luminous Void desperately need to make repairs to the ship, but there aren’t many places a ship like theirs can go unnoticed. Arriving on the frontier world of Elysia, they scramble to get the repairs done.

Everything goes awry when one of their crewmembers is kidnapped and the crew learns about a captive population of slaves being worked to death by one of the all-powerful corps.

An outraged Salome declares Luminous Void isn’t going anywhere until they’ve freed the slaves. Joining forces with a local resistance group, Salome and her crew make a plan, but they’ve already been betrayed by someone on Elysia, and time is not on their side.

Coming Soon! – Release Date: December 19, 2023

Things keep heating up for Luminous Void and her ragtag crew. 
On a stopover at Waysend Station, ex-crown prince Callum learns that his homeworld is in shambles. His uncle has been killed, his cousins have been kidnapped, his father is ill, and a hostile takeover threatens the freedom of the Qwellian people. 
Callum isn’t the only one with family troubles. Someone is trying to use Mwassaa’s family as hostages to force her surrender. Meanwhile, an alien semi-sentient power generator has set up housekeeping in the ship’s reactor core, and the AIs who run the station want it for themselves.
Trapped on the station, a reluctant Captain Salome is forced to split her crew, sending Callum with Skyler and James to save his homeland while Salome negotiates with the station and Ramadi looks for allies to evacuate Mwassaa’s family. All this in the middle of the ten-day, galaxy-wide festival of Carnivalia. 
Pass the party hats and strap yourselves in for another action-packed, spaced-out adventure with the colorful LV bunch. 

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